From Lynne with thanks

To James, Kim, Mandy and Cindy at Diverse hair studio, thank you so much for letting me spend the day with you and for not getting annoyed when I was in your face (and sinks) and looking over your shoulders, ¬†and in your mirrors. I had a wonderful time and I hope you enjoyed being part of MV Guernsey. Also, thanks to all your customers who didn’t mind being photographed while getting their hair done – not sure I would have…

PS. Thanks for washing my hair!


2 thoughts on “From Lynne with thanks

  1. Brave ladies having pics done while in the middle of a ‘do’ – but good on them, it makes for some great images. And let’s the fellas know what we suffer for our beauty!

  2. great shots (as always!) lynne! particulary love the one of the surprised look on the little girl’s face. Looks like you had a great time with great results x

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