From Rob with thanks

If you are like me, the prospect of going back to school may send shudders down your spine.  Fortunately for me, there was no sign or swirlies or super glue on the door handles.  But then this was no ordinary school and no ordinary teacher. Jacqui Perrio is a vastly experienced teacher who earns the respect of her students through being both knowledgeable and human.  Characteristics that help make a great teacher.

I cannot thank her enough for all her support over my two days.  Its also worth saying thank you to both the students and the staff who made me feel so welcome in Guernsey.

One thought on “From Rob with thanks

  1. What a lovely lady. You have great photos, Rob, and Jacqui is a photogenic subject. What a cheerful image with the kids streaming around her in the second one!

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