From Steve with thanks

Lobster boiled, cut with as sharp knife, fried with garlic and Guernsey butter (has to be Guernsey butter), add white wine and reduce. This is what I had to endure from Carl Bisson as we returned to port after a morning of harvesting and re-baiting his lobster pots off the intimidating rocky Gurnsey coast. Carl’s idilic evening meal with his wife and young daughter was dashed by a shout that came over his pager. The day off quickly turned to work. Carl and Eight crew manned the lifeboat Carl had only 24 hours earlier maintained and safety checked.It was a true pleasure to join Carl at work and play and record if for his daughter for when she can look back on his day in the life, as Carl did in the past when his dad had the same photo documentary. Carl is the cement that binds his community together – generous, caring, a grafter and a great tea maker.

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  1. Lovely ‘man of the sea’ images. The last one, with the three layers to it is great. The first one, with the strong sea colour works well, too.

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