Day 3 – the slideshows

Today is the day where it all comes together. Its all pretty stressful I have to say – choosing your final 36 is nothing but easy! Choosing and appropriate music track is even harder – so as we speak there is tension all around. Participants all working toward a final story that will be shown in front of the entire group this evening. Here are some outtakes of everyone working hard in their individual teams.

mv016wed mv015wed mv014wed mv013wed mv012wed mv011wed mv010wed mv009wed mv008wed mv007wed mv006wed mv005wed mv004wed mv003wed mv002wed mv001wedmv036wed mv035wed mv034wed mv033wed mv032wed mv031wed mv030wed mv029wed mv028wed mv027wed mv026wed mv025wed mv024wed mv023wed mv022wed mv021wed mv020wed mv019wed mv018wed mv017wed

3 thoughts on “Day 3 – the slideshows

  1. So guys…..a competition to see how many macbook pros you could get in one blog post…. 😉

  2. Good so see so many folks hard at work!

    Apple MacBooks – check.
    iPhones – check.
    Coffee in industrial quantities – check.


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