6 AM.

Lots of sleepy people full of anticipation.

Today is D day – when everyone gets handed their assignment for the next 2 days. They will live and they will breathe it.

For those of you who are not sure how it works – each of our photographers is given a person that they need to stick to like glue for the next 2 days. They need to come back and tell us all about them – but not with their mouth but their imagery. We want storytelling, we want emotion, we want content that makes a comprehensive final slideshow. Just to give you a sense of how good the images need to be – only 36 are hand picked for each final slideshow, and it has not been unknown for participants to come back with over 3000 from just one days shooting. So its not an easy task – having had been through it twice in past years I know how difficult it is – and how each and every person will be completely taken out of their comfort zone. The camera backs are no longer taped – but its doesn’t matter as no deleting in camera is allowed – each and every frame will get seen by fellow team members and critiqued by a team leader with everyone present. There is no editing allowed, the images are shown straight out of the camera, and are all shot in JPG format. So its imperative that the participants think on their feet – one of the most important aspects of documentary photography. The best moments tend to happen when we are not looking, or looking but not seeing. This workshop is about learning to anticipate those moments and learn to SEE .

All of our participants are already very accomplished wedding and portrait photographers so the skill level is incredibly high – improving on those already well honed skills is no mean feat. But , in daily life most of us shoot in RAW format, which allows a level of error – so changes can be made in post production. But here at MV, there are no such luxuries. Difficult lighting conditions, changes in light from room to room, fast moving objects, difficult shooting conditions – none of it matters. Because the idea is that you are always prepared, always thinking ahead, always ready to capture that decisive moment.

Without further ado however, here is who is shooting who –


Lorna Egan, supervisor at Tourist information office, Cumbria tourist Board – covered by Dave Greaves
Ralph Dixon, window cleaner – covered by Mark Wallis
Sue Walker, team leader at Derwent Hill – covered by Neil Walker
Tom Hrynow, park ranger at Lake district national Park – covered by Lynne Kennedy
Rod Howe, mechanic at Keswick Motor Company – covered by Jill Thorning-Jensen


Sally at Derwent Frames – covered by Ally Stuart
Mike Law, Cumbria Pest & Hygiene Services  – covered by covered by Aziz Khan
Carole Weir, washer lady at Keswick laundry  – covered by Steve Tarling
Ken, chainsaw carver – covered by Rob Sanderson

Lou Hogan at Carver Trust riding stables – covered by Yasmin Mariess


Kirsten Ogden, parapent repairer at Aerofix – covered by Justine Ferrari
Louise at Evergreens  – covered by covered by Simon Mark Whitten
Paul Weller at Canoe & Bushcraft  – covered by Gavin Woollard
Gill Crosley at Borrowdale primary school – covered by Jon Rouston

There was also a surprise assignment for one of our new MV members, Kate Griffin. Kate who is also assistant to Duncan looked a little shocked this morning when she found out that Duncan himself will be her assignment.  And as no post is complete without some pictures….

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I will be blogging images from individual assignments as they come in over the next 24 hours so please keep popping back!

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