Want to Join?

New membership applicants should make themselves aware of the unique nature of this group.
Please read and consider before going ahead.

1. Membership is by invite only, just because you fill in the form does not mean you can join. It does mean we will consider an invitation. ¬†Having a sponsor’s name on there is a huge help. Membership here has as much to do with who you are as a person as it does with your work.

2 All potential members are discussed beforehand with the entire forum, everyone gets the chance to look at your work and to discuss your application.

3. There is a veto system in place, which can stop a membership application in its tracks, even if the discussion is favourable.

4. If you’re turned down, we will not disclose the reasons. It does not prevent you from trying again in the future, although it would be almost pointless without a sponsor to propose you and argue your case.

5. The membership forum is the heart of the group, you are expected to participate here, and that means properly sharing info/ideas in the main forums and helping others…not just chit chat in the social areas. If you fail to do this, your membership can and will be revoked without warning.

6. If you are not a working photographer, we’re sorry, but this is not the place for you.
We do not take part time photographers, retired photographers OR photographic trainers as members.
If you have a product or services to sell to photographers, this is not a marketplace for you. You will be expected to give of your expertise free of charge in here.

7. We do not allow personal attacks on the forum, but that apart, it is a very open and very robust place, with as little moderation as possible. We do believe in free speech and difference of opinion. We don’t care if you swear. For these and other reasons, it is not the best place for the very sensitive types.
On the other hand, the camaraderie, true friendship and open support and care for each other is truly extraordinary.
Trust is at the core of our group. Our members have to trust you. You have to trust us.

8. We have regular “get togethers”/workshops, all organised informally among ourselves at cost. Attendance of at least one of these per year is compulsory. We find that folk who have met and had a drink together are much more tolerant and understanding of each other on-line, it’s a large part of why we are such a close knit group.

9. Membership reviews are held 3 or 4 times a year, so please do not expect a quick response. Be patient.

//Applications are currently closed//