Lynne Kennedy

In Lynne’s words –

I am based in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland and I cover weddings across the whole region including the Isle of Skye, Outer Hebrides. We have some of the most stunning scenery in the world in the Scottish Highlands and one of the things I love best on a wedding day is taking the bride and groom for a little location shoot somewhere tranquil and beautiful, where they have a bit of time alone before going back to join the party.


Here is our lovely Lynnie shooting park ranger Tom Hrynow at Lake district national parkmv179monday mv180monday mv182monday mv183monday mv186monday mv188monday

The evening critiques – Monday

After a hard day’s work, all the participants return for a quick freshen up and then it’s straight into the critiques – it has been known in the past for these to carry on until 6am! In fact as I am blogging this I believe the last team has just finished their critiques – its 5.50 am and some of them need to be up in the next two hours for day two of shooting.

So what are the critiques like? Every frame analysed and pulled apart, whether you came back with 200 or 2000 ; and trust me, the spectrum is broad.  There is no going out for dinner or leaving the room if you are tired – you stay up and listen to not only your own, but your whole team’s critiques. It can seem relentless, but you learn so, so much. Day one is the day where you realise that maybe you are not quite as good as you thought you were, and that there is definite room for improvement. But the criticism is constructive, and every person walks away with a good idea on what they need to do the next day.

And as the next day is pretty much here its also time for the media central to get some shut eye – but of course not without leaving you with some insight to what goes on behind closed doors!

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Yasmin Mariess

Yasmin is wedding and portrait photographer based in Guernsey.

In her own words –

An excitement for life and the people I meet, is what inspires my photography,
in other words it’s the client, that makes my work unique. I love the involvement in people’s lives; a privilege that photography affords me. My enthusiasm to get that unique shot is infectious, making the experience of being photographed as exciting as the moment you see the final images.



Yasmin shooting Lou Hogan at Calvert Trust riding stables

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A few out takes

As the days and nights meld into one, we always have a bunch of out takes – thought you might like to see those! We work hard, but we laugh a lot too…and you have never seen more images of photographers taking photographs of photographers photographing…right?

Courtesy of Jim Davidson

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A few I managed to take when I briefly left the media hub earlier today

IMG_8182 IMG_8186 IMG_8192 IMG_8195 IMG_8203 IMG_8204 IMG_8210 IMG_8213 IMG_8218 IMG_8237 IMG_8243 IMG_8247 IMG_8250 IMG_8258

And here is one of my good self, courtesy of Stephen Yates who has also taken all the images blogged so far apart from in this post !



Steve Tarling

Steve is wedding and portrait photographer based in Suffolk.

In his own words –

I have been a wedding photographer since 1993. Working with couples as they plan their lives together is incredibly rewarding. Over the years I have developed a unique style to help them capture precious moments during their day. Through a photo-journalistic record every moment, glance and smile is captured. By moving away from the formal traditional style, true personalities shine through.



Steve shooting Carole Weir at Keswick Laundry

mv141monday mv143monday mv146monday mv148monday mv150monday mv154monday mv155monday


Justine Ferrari

Justine Ferrari is wedding photographer based in Essex.

In her own words –

I specialise in capturing beautiful, timeless and elegant wedding pictures. I focus on capturing images that reflect the joy and happiness of your wedding day. I look for where the fun and laughter is happening and any special heartfelt moments you might have missed. My passion ….. is to bring out the very best in all of my brides.



Justine shooting Kirsten Ogden at Aerofix

mv190monday mv194monday mv195monday mv197monday mv199monday mv202monday

Rob Sanderson

Rob Sanderson is at the forefront of wedding photography in the North West with his unique mix of photojournalism and contemporary fashion images. A discreet photography style that leaves couples free to enjoy their day with the minimum of fuss, meaning their day will be remembered in stunning photographs and not how long the photography took.



Rob working hard, shooting Ken at Howe Farm

mv164monday mv165monday mv166monday mv169monday mv170monday mv172monday mv173monday mv176monday

Jill Thorning – Jensen

In her own words –

I photograph what I see. It’s really that simple! I’m always looking for beautiful light and beautiful moments, and when thoughtfully composed, every image is elegant and special. Combining this approach with an emphasis on telling a story through documenting your day as it unfolds results in an honest visual time line full of emotion and memories.



Jill in action shooting Rod Howe at Keswick Motor Company

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Ally Stuart

Ally is a contemporary female wedding photographer based in Angus, Scotland. Her style is natural and romantic. Ally Stuart photographs weddings with a unique tenderness and her images have a intimate quality about them which is hard to replicate.


Ally doing her thing shooting Sally at Derwent Frames earlier today…

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