Critiques – night 1


And so it began. Everyone back from their assignments, cards downloaded and ready for some feedback. Just a reminder for those of you who haven’t had the chance the explore the previous blog posts – these critiques are not for the faint hearted. All taking part are accomplished wedding and portrait photographers, who have been running successful businesses for many years. But for the duration of he workshop, they are students – and here to learn, and absorb, and improve. And see things from a different perspective. Each Team Leader will go through every image, not a single frame is left unseen. Some come back with 300 images, some with 2000. Some will walk away from night 1 full of self doubt, feeling a little raw, but a few will have already found their story.

What you do realize after your first day of shooting and having your images scrutinized inside out –  there is always room to grow. You realize that this process really gives you choices. It could be something as small as changing where you stand, to how you frame, or how your really perceive your subject.  But here, the students have the luxury to be able to explore all these things further, as they are given complete creative freedom. And, somewhere, at some point, each and every person realizes that they are not here just to make pretty pictures – and that what you produce is not about what others think of you, but being happy with yourself. And finding images that are all around you that you may not normally find, or indeed look for – at least not hard enough. Hearing feedback is always hard, especially in front of your peers – but it is always constructive.

Our team leaders pour their hearts and souls into this process, because their reward comes at the end – when the stories come together.

Julie Kim, the mentor for team Julie

on the left, Duncan , giving feedback to Team Kerridge

 Jim says it how it is for Team Davidson

Team Bain looking pensive, headed by Iain in the middle


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