From Dave with thanks

When I think of the police,  I think of the force –  lots of police men and women trying to keep society on the straight and narrow. I have never had the opportunity to spend any real time to get to know any of them until now, I used to just see them as uniforms. But the aim of this project was to explore deeper and to get to know the individual behind the uniform and capture some of their  character.  By the time I had spent two days photographing Nick, a community police officer, I felt like I had not only had a real eye opener but made a new friend.

Nick was very friendly and approachable –  it didn’t take long to build a great rapport with him. He is very down to earth and a great talker which really helps with coming alongside all kinds of different people. His job is a real mixed bag; liaising with people and being proactive in the community and dealing with incidents varying from the serious to the bizarre (e.g. capturing an escaped horse).

It has been a real privilege photographing Nick and I just want to say a big thank you.

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