And here we are – the first batch of the MV team has arrived! I’m pleased to report that the team leaders, assistants and the media team have safely landed in Guernsey. After safely checking in at the lovely Les Cotils our first job was checking out the town and sorting out the logistics of the first few days.

We had a great apple strudel at the Hideway, and a very tasty dinner at The Swan.

Before I go further, let me introduce myself – as I am your official blogger for the next few days. My name is Maria Murray, and I am a MV veteran, having twice attended as a shooter. This year I am on the media team, along with the wonderful Guy Hearn, who will be documenting the attendees on their assignments, and providing with me with some fantastic images to blog, and keeping all of you up to date. Paul Mariess is the guy with the local knowledge – and he will be helping us get from place to place and generally looking after everyone, as he lives in Guernsey himself. Paul is the other half of Yasmin, who is one of our participants and a Guernsey photographer. Yasmin has worked very hard to help us get the assignments in place, by liaising with the local businesses and sorting out logistics.

It’s going to be a fantastic week, and we are all looking forward to seeing some great photography. As the week goes on I will do my best to give you some insight into each assignment, how the participants are getting on, and telling you a little about the businesses involved. You may also want to tune into BBC radio Guernsey on Monday at 11.30 am – I will be having a chat with Jenny Kendall-Tobias about the workshop and telling her a little more about it.

For now, as I need to keep things under wraps until the morning, let me just tell you a little about how the participants may be feeling. It’s a mixture of excitement and trepidation, and maybe even a little fear. At this point, none of the shooters are aware what their assignments might be, and where they will be spending their next few days. They will be pushed – photographically and emotionally. Their job is to go out of their comfort zone, and come back with a story  – a story in pictures, one that will need no words, yet will sum up the assignment that they covered to the rest of the team. There will be harsh critiques, sometimes going on through the entire night. And let me tell you this – when the participants go out and start shooting, they don’t get to delete images – we see every single image taken. The idea is to discover each participant’s thought process and what may have led them to taking a certain frame. The critiques take place in teams and everyone gets to see each other’s images, and everyone sits through each other’s feedback. The first night is very hard – trust me I have been there. You question your ability, your judgment and your own skills, and wonder what on earth you can do differently on day two. But you bounce back – and once you have really found your story, it’s a feeling like no other. When it all comes together, and you watch your final slideshow, you realize that it’s all been worth it. And you walk away feeling different…

Because this is what MV is about – we are a collective of photographers, looking to push our own boundaries. Ultimately, My Vision is about making each and every one of us a better photographer – honing and learning the art of storytelling through images. And when we are all back in our homes, whether we shoot weddings, or portraits or commercial images – we know that a piece of what we learn at MV will remain with us, and ultimately this will reflect in the photography we provide to our clients.

Tomorrow, the rest of the crew arrives – 20 participants, eager to go and start their assignments on Monday. But we have a little surprise for them tomorrow…. but for that you will need to wait until the next post!



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