Sunday, part deux – mini assignments


As I type this our teams are out and about in the town of St Peter Port getting to grips with the first task they have been set. As they stepped off the plane onto the bus, they were whisked off into town, split into their teams and each given a colour.

They have 2 hours as a team, to take no more than 24 frames each – no deleting allowed. Think about the days when you had a roll of film – once the shutter is pressed, there is no going back. The subject matter and end result is completely open to their interpretation, and today they are working together, to encourage a little team bonding.

The point of the exercise? Think before you click. Out of all the images taken ( there are 5 people per team), only 36 will make it into a final collaborative slideshow. Each team will show their slideshow this evening, after dinner. As much as this is a bit of lighthearted fun, it’s also good to get everyone’s mind in focus. To remind each and every one person here that tomorrow when they are out in the field shooting the real thing, and they will need to look outside of their normal way of working. To use their imagination to create something unique, gripping, and cohesive.

So if you see a bunch of people out and about town today, pointing their cameras at random objects, hanging around litter bins or laying on their backs in the middle of the road with their lenses towards the sky, then it’s probably the MV crew. Here a few images from the field.

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