2012 Favourites

At the end of 2012, looking into the new year. Swedish superstar photographer Anna Rosell set the other members of MV a challenge

If you were to pick a favourite picture of the year. Just one. Could you? And what would it be?

Here are the results, there are relatively few wedding images in here, most people choosing a picture of their family, a special assignment or special moment. People who went on the MV Workshop in Guernsey often chose images from those three days, which just goes to show the impact the workshop has


Photographer: Iain Bain


This one of my three boys.I have shot better images this year (in my opinion) but this was a challenge to get a decent image of the three of them in the same frame. Their expressions are on the nail for me.
Photographer Phil Lynch


Photographer: Duncan Kerridge

Corporate Photographer London

Photographer: Douglas Fry


This picture is it for me as I can feel the energy of the workshop in Guernsey just looking at it.
Photographer: Anna Rosell


Photographer: Guy Collier


Photographer: David Calvert


Photographer Jon Rouston


Photographer: Maria Murray


time is a great leveller when you look back at your years work, then you think what was the best time I had taking photos this year and it was being tossed around in the English channel 1 mile off the coast of Guernsey on Carl’s lobster boat. Priceless.
Photographer: Steve Tarling


No great shakes, but I liked this from MV12- my ‘stuffy’ accountant.
Photographer: Yasmin


Photographer: Lynne Kennedy


Photographer: Mark Wallis

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