Critiques night 2

Today was the day where all attendees went back to their assignments to improve on yesterday’s efforts. After last night’s critiques, each and every person walked away with a good idea of what needs to be done and areas that need work. Tonight’s critiques tend to go on for a slightly shorter amount of time as most people would have come back with much better work. After this evening everyone will have a folder of images that are “keepers” – hopefully at least 36! Tomorrow is all about putting together the final slideshows. The final slideshow needs to show a comprehensive body of work-rather than just random images put together; it needs to flow, to make sense, to tell a story. Tomorrow night is the most exciting evening – we hire a restaurant , and play all the individual slideshows – this is normally very emotional and always a fantastic night! I will blog more tomorrow but for now here are some images from tonight’s critiques.

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