MV 2013 – location KESWICK

And so it kicks off! The My Vision 2013 workshop is now (almost) in full swing. For those of you not familiar with MV, a little bit of history. Now in its 4th year, MyVision is a fantastic documentary photography workshop, run for photographers by photographers. MV itself is a photographers collective that has grown over the last 5 years and now has a total of 82 members. We are individuals from many walks of life, but there is one thing we have in common – our love for photography. Not just any photography – but stuff that makes you feel, makes you look twice, and pictures that speak without words. But just like anyone doing similar things day in day out, we sometimes get a little stale, a little stuck in our ways and need of some inspiration.

And this is EXACTLY what the My Vision documentary photography workshop is about Рhoning our skills and learning new ones, and working outside of your comfort zone. As a group of some of the top UK wedding and portrait photographers we are dedicated to raising the standard of professional photography in the UK Рby being the best versions of ourselves. There are no novices here Рa prerequisite of joining our group is that each and every photographer is already accomplished in what they do, has an excellent work ethic and talent Рthere is no room for mediocrity. I will be telling you a little about each of the participants in their individual blog posts so keep checking back.

This year Keswick is our chosen destination and we are stopping at the excellent Queens Hotel¬†. We are very grateful to the local businesses and individuals who have allowed us to work with them – we thank you as without this wouldn’t happen. Everyone involved will be revealed in due course when the participants are given their assignments.

In the meantime, enjoy some images of the MV family getting together – amidst the hellos, the hugs, the laughter and the cupcakes you could already sense the anticipation….

IMG_7521 IMG_7519 IMG_7515 _MG_9320 _MG_9313 _MG_9302 _MG_9294 IMG_7992 IMG_8004 IMG_8039 IMG_8037 IMG_8035 IMG_8024 IMG_8050 IMG_8059 _MG_9292 _MG_9270

And for some extra images, as not all that are taken will make the blog, please make sure that you follow us on Instagram – we are under or #mvphotographers . Enjoy!