Neil Walker

Neil is a documentary wedding photographer based in Sussex.

In Neil’s words –

Weddings are what I really love shooting. Capturing all the moments that go into making up such a wonderful day is a great challenge. At the end of it all you can relive it through your photos – let’s face it, the day will be a complete blur. I’m well qualified to photograph weddings, I have a wealth of experience as a photographer and of being married – 20 years of each and I’m still very enthusiastic about both of them!


Here is Neil working his magic with Sue Walker ( and no they are not related!) at Derwent Hill

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One thought on “Neil Walker

  1. Which is why at this time of year its brilliant to try new things, go on a few workshops, meet some new people and develop new friendships. It’s the perfect time to try out new techniques that you’ve perhaps not been brave enough to try out at weddings recently in a risk free environment whilst having a really good laugh amongst other like minded photographers. Contrary to some peoples impression of us Kent Wedding Photographers we’re not all fretting and scheming about having local or national competition and it’s genuinely inspiring to work alongside other people to look at their approach to the same scene in front of you. You bounce ideas off of one another, you swap success stories (and the occasional hiccup) and develop together. Building that network of other photographers that you admire and respect is invaluable in an industry like this.

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