The evening critiques – Monday

After a hard day’s work, all the participants return for a quick freshen up and then it’s straight into the critiques – it has been known in the past for these to carry on until 6am! In fact as I am blogging this I believe the last team has just finished their critiques – its 5.50 am and some of them need to be up in the next two hours for day two of shooting.

So what are the critiques like? Every frame analysed and pulled apart, whether you came back with 200 or 2000 ; and trust me, the spectrum is broad. ┬áThere is no going out for dinner or leaving the room if you are tired – you stay up and listen to not only your own, but your whole team’s critiques. It can seem relentless, but you learn so, so much. Day one is the day where you realise that maybe you are not quite as good as you thought you were, and that there is definite room for improvement. But the criticism is constructive, and every person walks away with a good idea on what they need to do the next day.

And as the next day is pretty much here its also time for the media central to get some shut eye – but of course not without leaving you with some insight to what goes on behind closed doors!

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