It’s all over….

So….it’s over for another year! It was my 4th year attending and I have to say this was the best year to date. Having had recovered from the lack of sleep and reflecting back ….it’s been emotional. The final slideshows were fantastic, the feedback form all attending very positive and as we are all looking forward to doing it all over again! My job as a blogger is not quite finished….over the next few weeks I will be posting 6 images from each assignment so you can see what the attendees were up to. We would like to express huge thanks to the hotel we used for the workshop – its was a perfect choice, so thank you to The Queens Hotel in Keswick. Colin – if you are reading this you are a legend! I will leave you with a group shot of us all for now but keep checking back for the assignment images.


Day 3 – the slideshows

Today is the day where it all comes together. Its all pretty stressful I have to say – choosing your final 36 is nothing but easy! Choosing and appropriate music track is even harder – so as we speak there is tension all around. Participants all working toward a final story that will be shown in front of the entire group this evening. Here are some outtakes of everyone working hard in their individual teams.

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Critiques night 2

Today was the day where all attendees went back to their assignments to improve on yesterday’s efforts. After last night’s critiques, each and every person walked away with a good idea of what needs to be done and areas that need work. Tonight’s critiques tend to go on for a slightly shorter amount of time as most people would have come back with much better work. After this evening everyone will have a folder of images that are “keepers” – hopefully at least 36! Tomorrow is all about putting together the final slideshows. The final slideshow needs to show a comprehensive body of work-rather than just random images put together; it needs to flow, to make sense, to tell a story. Tomorrow night is the most exciting evening – we hire a restaurant , and play all the individual slideshows – this is normally very emotional and always a fantastic night! I will blog more tomorrow but for now here are some images from tonight’s critiques.

mv197tuesday mv204tuesday mv208tuesday mv212tuesday mv217tuesday mv222tuesday mv229tuesday mv231tuesday mv237tuesday mv238tuesday mv239tuesday mv241tuesday mv243tuesday mv244tuesday mv245tuesday mv248tuesday mv249tuesday mv250tuesdaymv252tuesday mv254tuesday mv257tuesday mv258tuesday mv260tuesday mv257tuesday

Kate Griffin

Kate was the surprise assignment – i.e. being staff and assistant to team Kerridge she really wasn’t expecting to also be shooting. Kate has been with MV for a fairly short time, so to go to the workshop and be thrown in at the deep end like this was a bit of a shock to say the least. Kate is a fantastic portrait photographer, and I think you should check out the link below to find out all about her – I could not have put it better myself.



mv104tuesday mv109tuesday mv110tuesday mv111tuesday mv117tuesday mv120tuesday mv132tuesday mv137tuesday mv138tuesday





Aziz Khan

Aziz is wedding photographer based in London.

In his own words –

I am a photographer & artist who specializes in capturing cool portraits and intimate moments; when you pull them together they tell a special story of the wedding day. This is not a job – it’s a passion! All you need is a handful of vision, flair, and some brides & grooms who do not do ‘ordinary’. The result? Something that will put a big toothy smile on your face!


Here is Aziz shooting Mike Law,  pest controller at Cumbria pest and hygiene services

mv145tuesday mv146tuesday mv148tuesday mv150tuesday mv151tuesday mv152tuesday mv156tuesday mv174tuesday mv185tuesday


Jon Rouston

Jon is a wedding photographer based in Nottingham, UK. Combining a mixture of informal documentary photography-which aims to capture the moments of your day as it unfolds, along with a handful of relazed and informal portraits. Jon aims to make as little impact as possible on the wedding day and will only direct or pose a handful of pictures.

Main Website


And here is Jon shooting Gill Crossley at Borrowdale Primary school

mv080tuesday mv081tuesdaymv083tuesday mv086tuesday mv087tuesdaymv098tuesday mv092tuesday mv089tuesday

Neil Walker

Neil is a documentary wedding photographer based in Sussex.

In Neil’s words –

Weddings are what I really love shooting. Capturing all the moments that go into making up such a wonderful day is a great challenge. At the end of it all you can relive it through your photos – let’s face it, the day will be a complete blur. I’m well qualified to photograph weddings, I have a wealth of experience as a photographer and of being married – 20 years of each and I’m still very enthusiastic about both of them!


Here is Neil working his magic with Sue Walker ( and no they are not related!) at Derwent Hill

mv021tuesday mv024tuesday mv026tuesday mv029tuesday mv031tuesday mv039tuesday mv044tuesday mv049tuesday mv050tuesday

Dave Greaves

Dave is a wedding and portrait photographer based in the Lake District and Cumbria. In his words…

As an artist I see the world in a different way. My creative and unique work is underpinned by my Fine Art training and an intrinsic artistic eye. I have studied both Bachelor and Masters Art Degrees which have provided me with a rich foundation for my photographic work.’



And here is Dave shooting Lorna Egan at the Keswick Tourist Information Officemv103monday mv109monday mv110monday mv113monday mv116monday mv118monday mv121monday mv124monday

Simon Mark Whitten

A little bit about Simon –

Simon is a full-time specialist wedding photographers and wedding film-makers with over 10 years experience having covered in excess of 400 weddings. Working in a style and approach we call ‘fine-art documentary’ (mainly discreet in nature but producing images, books and films that are elegant, refined and distinctive) from country houses in England to marquees in Wales to castles in Scotland. 

Main Site
Destination Wedding Photography

Simon shooting Louise at Evergreens Florist

mv138monday mv137monday mv133monday mv130monday mv129monday mv128monday

Mark Wallis

In Mark’s words –

I have a passion for capturing what is happening around me, with no intervention or interruption, and I love a good wedding. I offer pure documentary wedding photography across the UK, with no posing, staging or direction. My contemporary approach is fresh, fun and uncomplicated and results in beautiful, timeless images that capture all the real emotion and atmosphere of your day.

Wedding photojournalism by Mark Wallis
Latest work

Mark shooting window cleaner Ralph Dixonmv056monday mv058monday mv062monday mv064monday mv065monday mv067monday mv065monday mv062monday